About Myldred

IMG_1271Born in Cleveland, Ohio, the youngest of five children, Myldred attended Cleveland Public Schools.  During this time, she was also a babysitter.  It was at this initial job experience that she was to discover what has come to be one of the loves of her life.

The young girl that she was taking care of was an avid knitter.  She offered to teach Myldred this ancient craft.  Myldred took to the craft with a passion and continued to knit through college.  She attended Miami University and she even knit socks for many of the male students.  Upon returning to Cleveland she discovered knitting classes at Halle Brother’s Company and continued to thrive with more knowledge gained.

She has been knitting for many decades and after retiring from her other loves, real estate, in which she was a broker and had her own firm, teaching and later a media specialist and general contracting, Myldred ventured to create “from the hands of Myldred”, the company from where she creates one of a kind hand knits for those who love knits.  Ranging from scarves to sweaters and coats, she creates some of the most beautiful knits in the city.

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